Monday, February 15, 2010

A Touch Of Class

June Tracks page 5

From the first day Larry Bertleman stepped off the plane from Hawaii, decked out in his plush leather jacket, black pants and carved magenta leather shoes. The Australian surf scene was treated to a sense of style it had not experienced before.
Larry stole the show that first afternoon at Burleigh heads. The news media and everyone else were almost awestricken by his charisma and dynamic energy. After years of waiting, the central force of the radical surfing movement in Hawaii finally appeared in Australia.
Although Larry did not have any major success in the pro season, anyone who saw him surf was not disappointed, he was just as radical as promised-switch footing through re-entries, constantly trying 360's and often attempting the impossible.
Through all the colour and theatrics the real personality shone through-a warm, genuine person with an outrageous sense of flair. He knocked us out in the discos, stunned us by threatening to go home to paid appearances in the states in-stead of finishing the Australian pro circuit and even turned up chauffeur driven to do our advertisement.
Yes Larry Bertleman chooses Ripcurl wetsuits because he says they are the lightest, most comfortable wetsuit in the world today.